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Would you like to spice up your marketing translations?

What I Do

It’s me you’re looking for. I am an experienced German translator specialising in IT and online content. I’ve worked with Microsoft, Google, Apple, Salesforce…
A brillant translation strikes you by not striking you. Instead it appears to be a text written in your own language. This is why transcreation is just my cup of tea.
I also specialise in courseware, e-learning, CRM, ERP systems, data security, e-business, digital imaging, telephony/communications & social networks.

Who I Am

  • since 1990: state-approved translator (English and Italian)
  • officially sworn and publicly appointed
  • since 1992: working as a translator in the localisation industry
  • 7 years in Dublin: 2 years as a technical translator with Softrans-Berlitz International and 5 years as a German language co-ordinator with Symantec Ltd.
  • since 2001: free-lance translation work in localisation, marketing and transcreation

My Clients

My clients are translation agencies, software enterprises, social networks and business professionals.

Microsoft Office – Marketing & Help
Google Content
Google Content
Apple Content
Apple Content
Salesforce Management Training
Salesforce Management e-Learning Courses
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Website
Website Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Hotels Websites
Hotels – Websites


Alexandra Manger
Weissdornweg 7
90451 Nuremberg

ph: +49-(0)911-6890190
mob: +49-160-92004060

Please feel free to contact me for a personal non-binding quote. You can then send your document(s) to be translated via email. The confidentiality of your material will be guaranteed.